The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education offers an Orton-Gillingham based reading instructional program, "Sensational Strategies for Teaching the Beginning Readers" for parent's to use with their children (pre K true the third grade) This is the same research based Orton-Gillingham used by Special Education reading teachers and the major tutorial centers. Orton-Gillingham is currently being introduced into the general classroom. Our program meets the national core standards and is designed to be used preschool in the homeschool.

Orton-Gillingham is basically multi-sensory, kinesthetic, phonics. Studies, at the National Institute of Health, have shown that at least 95% of even the poorest readers can learn to read at grade level, if they are given early and proper phonics instruction. By providing early intervention with phonemic awareness, IMSE hopes to reduce the number of children struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.

The Orton-Gillingham parent's product contains an instructional DVD software, a parent's teaching manual, as well as the necessary supplies to begin using Orton-Gillingham right out of the box. Parents can give their children the phonemic awareness they will need to be successful learning reading in the general education classroom.

"Sensational Strategies for Teaching the Beginning Reader"
The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education has a comprehensive Catalog of Orton Gillingham products, materials and supplies.
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